Cheap Curly Hair Products That Work

Earlier this year I made a decision that I wasn't sure if I would regret or not, I got a perm! And I have to tell you, I love curly hair! Since getting my perm, this frugal momma has been on a hunt for Cheap Curly Hair Products That Work. 

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I just want to start with saying I am not a beauty blogger by any means. I'm a regular momma who has an awesome stylist that guided me on some products to try. The products below are ones I love that I think you will love too!

Grilling Recipes, Tips and Tricks

*This post is sponsored by the Glass Barn presented by Indiana Soybean Farmers but all thoughts and tips are all my own.

Spring is here, and Summer is right around the corner! Each year, I am so excited to start grilling out again. But maybe you are like I was just a few short years ago and have no idea how to achieve grilling perfection. I'm here to help with these Grilling Recipes, Tips and Tricks!

Note: I use referral links for the products I love.

7 Easy Summer Money Saving Tips

*This post is sponsored by the Glass Barn presented by Indiana Soybean Farmers but all thoughts and tips are all my own.

Do you need to get more bang for your buck this summer? I have a treat for you! You don’t want to miss these 7 Easy Summer Money Saving Tips.

While I know that the U.S. has one of the safest and most inexpensive food supplies in the world, there are always ways to make sure you are getting the best deal. 

Post Workout Sandals

I love the feeling I have AFTER a know the one...where you feel like you can conquer the world. The only feeling I do not like after a workout or run is aching feet.

Note: I use referral links for products I love

It is bound to happen at some point...or maybe often if you have crazy feet like what's a girl to do when her feet are achin' and a spa day is out of the question? Well I put on these bad UA Slide Sandals

Now I know that these are technically men's sandals, but this Momma don't care! They are comfy! 

Simple, Easy, Cheap Ways to Remove Stains

What I am about to share with you is top secret! These Simple, Easy, Cheap Ways to Remove Stains is going to make life a whole lot easier!

Note: I use referral links for the products I love

Let's rewind back to when I was pregnant with my first, Ryder. Momma was awesome at giving me advice and tips for when my bundle of joy arrived. While I appreciated all of the words of wisdom, there is one that I use almost daily...and probably will for another 16 years or so...


Welcome to This Mommy's Losing! 

Lou here from Recipes That Crock

(I'm the one on the left. The lovely lady on the right is my awesome coach, Carrie)

Just in case you haven't been to Recipes That Crock, I'll tell you a little about it.  On Recipes That Crock, we share tons guessed it...crock pot recipes! I love writing so much or there that I decided to give it a go with This Mommy's Losing It!

So what is This Mommy's Losing It? 

This Mommy's Losing It is a place for me to share tips, tricks and fitness for everyday know, things that actually can work in your day to day life.  

Life is crazy. Life is chaotic. Life is beautiful. It is hard to see the beautiful if the crazy and chaotic are too overwhelming. I am far from perfect and will never be the perfect wife, mommy, friend...well, anything. I get overwhelmed. I get stuck. I succeed. I fail. I'm human. There are so many places to find tips for the perfect people. I wanted to create a community of imperfect people looking for ways to keep their wonderfully imperfect lives a little more on the joyful side and less on the overwhelmed side. So I thought I would share with you the things that keep me from completely losing it and have helped me to lose a few pounds (and find a ton of energy!). Maybe they will help you too! 

So welcome dear readers! I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I enjoy writing them and find a thing or too to help you out in your everyday life. 
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