Post Workout Sandals

I love the feeling I have AFTER a know the one...where you feel like you can conquer the world. The only feeling I do not like after a workout or run is aching feet.

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It is bound to happen at some point...or maybe often if you have crazy feet like what's a girl to do when her feet are achin' and a spa day is out of the question? Well I put on these bad UA Slide Sandals

Now I know that these are technically men's sandals, but this Momma don't care! They are comfy! 

What do I like about these? 

  • I love how supportive and cushy they are. For someone with high arches, it is unusual to feel support from a slide...or any sandal for that matter! So that feels really good after a workout. 
  • I like the adjustable strap. Simple feature, yes, but not always a given. This makes it a great sandal for feet of all shapes and sizes.
  • I like that there are a variety of colors to choose from. If I only have one pair, I would prefer black, but if I splurge for more colors, then I would love to get a silver pair or skip on over to the women's version and grab a pair of the London Orange/Overcast Gray ones! So cute!

What do I not like about these?

  • If they get wet, say if you are wearing them around a pool or any kind of water activity or in the rain, then you do NOT want to wear them at all until they have dried out completely. (I had them on last summer near our pool and got some water on them. We went to small group later that night where I was wondering where that horrible smell was coming was my UA slides! Once they dried out completely, they were fine to wear again. I just wasn't expecting that they couldn't get wet at all.)
Overall, I love these sandals. I learned my lesson on getting them wet, and shared the lesson with you, so now we can both avoid that yuckiness and just let these comfy sandals make our feet feel better after a good workout!

Do you have a favorite pair of sandals or shoes to throw on to make your feet feel great?

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